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Frequently Asked Questions

Here We have listed some questions about web design & web development. These are the most faqs as well as frequently asked questions from our Clients about web design & web development sections.
We hope this faqs should helps you to understand the basic things about the web design and web development from the point of view of amazepixels technologies

Web design is an art of creating a website using texts, images, and graphics in electronic format. These reside as a collection of files on web servers. Users can see this information using a computer and a web browser.

It should be depends upon the what kind of website you are developing.

It Should be vary for static websites, dynamic websites, Real time web applications, Single page web applications etc

Website Development means preparing the programs to work with the website for better interaction.

Website maintenance is ensuring that the website remains functional at all times.

It is all about reducing downtime, revising and updating content, improving features such as shopping carts, problem reporting, regularly backing up data, version upgrades, performance improvements and so on.

SEO is an acronym Search Engine Optimization. It is all about a set of techniques to optimize your website so that it gets higher rankings on search engines.

We accept payments by Indian clients online transaction and US clients PayPal transaction.

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