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How To Make Payment?

You can make the payments to the available below options and the bank accounts:

US Clients:

Normally in the world of business, you will usually have 30 days to pay a bill. Some businesses might even allow 90 days, based on how much money is involved. But again, being self-employed, 30 days is a long period to wait for the money you’ve been working so hard for.

I ask for payment on receipt of invoice i.e. right away. And in my mind, I expect to receive the money within 2 weeks. Of course, that’s not always the case.

Currently, we accept online payments via Western Union, PayPal, and online payment transaction. You can use any suitable online payment method to settle your invoices.


Indian Clients:


Kindly Note: After making the Payment, Kindly email us your payment details to our mail id: during working hours.

For Details Contact: +91 – 9941619806 (10am – 6pm, Mon – Sat)

For More information Kindly Enquire Us through the Enquiry Section

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