Sullins Tech

Sullins Tech

Commerce, our team is an Alliance with USA Pixels, American Birthday Club, BluPearls for Health n Wellness and 11 Media. Providing decades of support for those in the technology industry, Sullins has focused on the USA for Real Estate and Global to seek out the finest in Art, Business & CoOperation in Technologies ‘connecting to your target audience as a group vs solo’.

A family business for decades, now providing a Friends and Family model with Business Circles known as Friendchises. Become connected with Sullins and receive the start up kit for creating your own circle of Friends in Business.

We are a group of 10 Friends in Business, that are your team to grow to the next level. 10 Women in Networking (the Queens) and the 10 Friends in Business ‘Knights’ with a Culture of ‘Customer is King’.

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